Weekend- Endless possibilities

Yes, it is the start of the weekend! It can actually be said to be a bucket or basket of endless and infinite possibilities, as we think so. We try to achieve so much in two days, that we don’t in five. We try to call and chat with old friends, chase our hobby, see new places, do our chores, watch a movie and some times, catch up on our sleep. The two days seem like heaven to us. But I had a thought. What if we tried to get closer to heaven, inch by inch, day by day? If we tried, just tried to do what we want to do in two days, in the seven days given to us by god. There is no harm if we try to live each day, like the two ending days of the week. It’s a hard thing to do, as every good thing is. I can’t say for sure that I am following that. But sometimes I try. So let’s all cherish these two days, as if they are gifts that need to be unwrapped carefully. But let’s not forget to smile for the rest five days. So let’s not make this weekend, the end of possibilities, but the end of the impossible, and beginning of a brighter week altogether.

Just a thought 🙂


India – A new government, a new nation

Day before yesterday, the election results came out for the world’s largest democracy, India, and a new government was formed. One thing that is there to ponder about,  is how the nation has changed in various terms of modernity, over the last the ten years, since the previous government was formed. This elections had witnessed the largest voter turnout ever, implying that more people were aware of the need to impose their right to vote. Also, we are now more willing to take risks, explore and have grown more ‘social network’ conscious. We are everywhere, on every social networking site, making friends, exploring ourselves, exploring like minded people and also our problems. The importance of social networking can be seen from the fact that this time, many politicians too, have taken up the path of social networking, to connect, reach out to people and promote themselves. So as a nation, India, we should pledge to use the tools of social network, as tools of power, to correct what is wrong, to provide justice to those who deserve, and to keep a check on those who create problems for us. We are a billion+ informed and a billion+ strong. 

The first step

This is the first step I have taken towards expressing and sharing my thoughts through this blog. Expression is necessary, it is an insatiable need that needs to be fulfilled, otherwise it leads to the loss of one’s identity. Each of us is meant to express, as if we don’t, then the world ignores us, which is wrong. To learn the new and to unlearn what is wrong and harmful, is what makes us better. Will keep writing. Till then, bbye!